Monday, August 19, 2013

Revisiting An Old Blog

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away I embarked on a project to make public my old newspaper column, "It's a Matter of Taste," which appeared in Long Beach, California's Gazette Newspapers from September 2000 - 2005. My thought back in 2004 was that I'd post my favorite columns here for the rest of the world to enjoy. Then life got in the way and I forgot about this blog and those old articles. Today, digging through some old files and cleaning up my Google account I found the decade old articles and references to this old blog. A quick trip down memory lane left me wanting, once again, to share these old articles. But rather than just reposting old material, I've decided to edit and update the old articles making them more relevant and contemporary. My first attempt to revise this old work is a piece titled "Plain as Vanilla,"first published in early Sept. 2001.  Also, in order to stand out from the pack (there are way too many Matters of Taste blogs out there) I'll be changing the name of the blog to "Known to Eat," and it will be available at Stay tuned.

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